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Alleged brawl between San Ignacio Mayor and PUP supporter

We are thirty-three days away from the municipal elections and both major political parties have been aggressively attempting to convince voters to cast ballots in their favor. Yesterday things got too aggressive in San Ignacio Town between rival political party members. At around 6 o’clock incumbent Mayor of the twin towns Earl Trapp was on the campaign trail along with some UDP supporters when it is alleged they had a physical confrontation with 18-year-old Michael Lemus. Lemus says the bruises on his back and face were caused by Mayor Trapp. His mother, Araneli Lemus, recounted their version of the events.


“When my husband reached and knocked on the door he said my son was in trouble. My son had some beers and I went down and tried to talk to Mr. Trapp and he just ignored me. According to my son they said that the men took him out of the car, my son to defend himself he took out the machete and tried to defend himself but they hurt my son badly. They hurt him in his mouth, he was bleeding from his mouth, and they hurt him all over his face. I asked my son and he said it was the UDP people Mr. Trapp.”

Mayor of San Ignacio Santa Elena Earl Trapp has denied reports that he assaulted a man in the Cahal Pech area of San Ignacio yesterday.  Trapp spoke to Love News earlier today and recounted his version of the incident.


“What was on that report was a total false allegation and it’s a fabrication in trying to defame my character.  Just to clear the waves, what happened is that I was coming down working Cahal Pech area when a gold color car parked in front of us- one guy came out with what appeared to be a Belikin pint in his hands. He began to insult and threaten me. He thereafter sped off and went so I reported to the police. When the police came it was after the guy came back because he came back about five to ten minutes later. This time he stopped and parked again in front of us, by that time there was a traffic officer there on the spot and the traffic officer approached the driver asking for his driver’s license. He refused and that is when the guy that had insulted and threatened me before he pulled a machete at him and when he pulled the machete and opened the door the guy held his hands and a struggle ensued. That is when the guy fell to the ground and they were battling it on the ground and the machete fell out of his hands. That is when I held the machete and I called the police again and that is when they arrive and I handed it to them and they handcuffed the guy and took him in.”

 Trapp said he is not familiar with the individual and is seeking advice as to whether he can address the manner in the courts. We spoke with Police in San Ignacio who confirmed that Mayor Trapp did make a report about the incident yesterday. Lemus, however, has not made a police report against Mayor Trapp.