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Alleged Kidnapping Report Under Investigation

Police are still investigating the alleged kidnapping of three young girls on October 16th in the Mile7/El Progresso Village in the Cayo District. The three girls, ages nine, ten, and eleven, were on their way to school when they were forced into an Isuzu pickup by a man of a foreign nationality. The girls later reported that their feet and hands were bound. One of them freed herself and helped the other two get loose.  They then managed to escape by jumping out of the moving vehicle. By a stroke of luck, one of the girls’ father was in the area at the time and saw them jumping out, stopped to check on them and saw a man fleeing. The mother of two of the girls made an official complaint to the San Ignacio Police formation and police launched an investigation. Since then, there have been repeated posts on Facebook of a suspicious white van in different communities. On Monday, police spoke on their investigation into the kidnapping report and the mysterious white van.

ACP Joseph Myvette

“That investigation we know for certain that one male person was detained, the minors were interviewed and after seeking the advice of the DPP the person was released whilst we do further investigation.”


“Anything on these white vans or is that just Facebook noise?”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“Well, I don’t think that we have any documented report that this is going on other than what is seen on the social media.”

Three girls claim that an American man had put them in the back of his pickup and tied them up. They also claim that he touched them inappropriately.