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Alleged rapist shot by Police

A police officer down south is being commended for his act of bravery after he shot and arrested a suspected rapist. Nineteen year old Andy Pop was shot to the leg after he attempted to escape on a motorcycle after allegedly raping a nineteen year old female. On Saturday afternoon, the nineteen year old hitched a ride with Pop who took her near Maya Center in Toledo District. When he got to an area between miles 18 and 19, he took her into a feeder road and reportedly raped her. The woman managed to free herself and run to the highway where a passer-by assisted her to the Santa Cruz police station. But while the officer’s actions are being commended, it is also being investigated by the Professional Standards Branch. ACP Chester Williams explained why.

ACP Chester Williams – Head, Professional Standards Branch
“The police immediately responded to the area with the female and upon getting there they saw the said individual as he was pointed out to the police by the female. This individual is a person, a male person Pop. The police signalled the individual to stop and sought to place the person under arrest and the person insisted on fleeing from the police. The police then used his issued firearm and fired one single shot with the intention of disabling the motorcycle. Eventually it caught the person on the foot as well as disabling the motorcycle and took the person into custody. That person is currently in police custody awaiting to be charged for the crime of rape. I must say that the police officer in question did act bravely in trying to apprehend the individual nonetheless there is still an internal investigation just to ascertain that the level of force was justified by law and that investigation is ongoing and as soon as we have determined whether or not there is justification then that information will be released to the media. But at this time the police officer is still on active duty and we commend him for the good work in terms of ensuring that the individual who had raped this young lady was caught and in custody.”