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Allen Martinez found dead eight days after being reported missing

Tonight, a Belize City family is mourning the death of their loved one who was found this morning along the John Smith Road in the Belize District.  Thirty-five-year-old Allen Martinez was reported missing on Monday, September 5 after he was last seen two days prior on Central American Boulevard. Reporter Vejea Alvarez was there this morning and has the story.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: This was the heart wrenching moment the family of 35 year old Allen “Not Nice” Martinez arrived at the scene near mile 1.5 on the John Smith Road where his badly decomposed body was discovered. It was a grief-filled moment for 59 year old Silbert Martinez who had the terrible job of identifying his son who was found face down in a shallow pool of water about 50 feet off the road. Eight days ago on September 3 Martinez was last seen a stone’s throw away from his home on Central American Boulevard in Belize City at Zhan Zhan’s shop wearing the same striped green shirt and cargo pants he was found in. His family, who was too distraught to provide Love news with an interview, says Martinez’s death has left them with more questions than answers. That’s because there was no sign of injuries observed on his body and, according to them, a search party comprising of family members, police officers, and soldiers of the Belize Defense Force, had previously searched the exact area a few days ago and found no trace of their loved one. Martinez is now the second person to be found in the same general area after Emir Cansino Jr. ‘s body was dumped less than a mile away down the road. It has left many residents calling for greater security in the area. However, back in August when the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was asked about whether a police checkpoint should be placed on the road, this was his response. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “It is in contemplation, I must say. We would have done so already but, again, you know we’re stretched extremely thin with human resources and so we have not been able to do it but it is in the plan to do so.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Martinez’s family is now clueless about what led to his death and are hoping that a post-mortem examination will provide them with the comfort they need. Until then, Martinez’s slippers are the only evidence retrieved from the scene and according to them, foul play is not suspected. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.