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Allen Whylie remains as Commissioner of Police

Earlier this month, rumor had it that Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie was on his way out and his Deputy, Chester Williams will succeed him. The persistent rumors forced Williams to publicly deny the reports. However, today we asked the Former Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington about it. Minister Elrington said that putting Williams at the helm of the Belize Police Department will not magically eliminate crime.

Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: “It is not my understanding or knowledge that in fact Mr.Wylie has reached his retirement age, it is not my understanding. I do know and I get the very strong sense that there are people who seem to think that if you put Chester as the commissioner of police our problems will be solved. Unfortunately I am not among that group but I do know that the public media as well as in private I’ve said it over and over and in public that the only chance that the police has of success is if the police acts as a team, no superman- there is no superman in these days that can do anything. I found Wylie to be a decent person, I found him to be quite intelligent I spoke to him several times, he is very much up on police matters not as flashy as some people are not as aggressive in terms of the media and the like- he tends to want to stay more in the background but I found him to have a good solid command of police work to my mind and I could be quite mistaken but that was my view of the situation but above all I thought that he had a pretty good team around him. I’m impressed with the team that he has, really the team I thought is quite good. The commissioner is not doing all that bad a job but we have a terrible socio economic problem and that is causing problems you know people are unemployed, they are unskilled and they have to survive so those are the problems that they face.”

Several organizations and groups including the People’s United Party have called for Whylie’s resignation.