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Altercation leads to man being shot

Police are investigating the shooting of 32-year-old, Shane Bennett.  The incident took place on Sunday, June 30 at around eight o’clock in the morning on Calabash Street in Independence Village, Stann Creek District.  Bennett was shot to the left arm and hand and was taken to the Independence Village, Polyclinic.  Police gave their preliminary findings in this incident.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head NCIB: “On Sunday sometime shortly before midday police were called to an area in Independence Village where they observed one Shane Bennett with apparent gunshot injuries to his left arm. He was taken to the Independence Polyclinic and treated where he was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. What the police know so far is that Bennett seemingly was in an altercation with another male individual where he pulled and pointed a firearm towards that person who likewise responded by pulling his licensed firearm and fired several shots towards Bennet which caught him. That firearm and that person is now in police custody pending this investigation. The police did go back somewhere in the vicinity of the scene where a search was conducted in an area where Bennett was and they found one black in color pellet gun resembling that of a 9 mm pistol with seven pellets.”

According to Bennett, he was engaged in a misunderstanding with a businessman of the village in which Bennett allegedly threatened to kill the businessman and subsequently pulled out his firearm.  Before he could fire his weapon, the businessman pulled out his licensed firearm and injured Bennett.  Three expended shells were found at the scene, the businessman was detained and the matter is being investigated further./////