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Alternatives to Fish and Meat During Easter

If fish is too expensive for you to consume during the easter and you still intend to obey the traditions to abstain from eating meat, there are alternatives. Vegan Bites entrepreneur, Ras Ruben told us what options can still satisfy your palate and hunger for meat, while venturing onto a vegan path.

Ras Ruben Chef, Vegan Bit: “One of the substitutes I always use for meat is mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms you know. It complements whatever you would have eaten with meat so you could cook more or less the same thing, just try to transform the diet right now, try to find some brown rice instead of white rice. You just have to put a little bit more water in there so that it gets that real soft way you understand and Belizean people naturally know how to cook so if you know how to stew chicken, replace the chicken with anything else. You could use sweet potato, sweet potato is one of the superfoods them that we have in Belize that they are just sleeping on so this is what we have to do. We have to open our minds to replace what has become detrimental with something living and we can use the same methodology that we were using: the sautéing, the fringing, the stewing, whatever you like do you know to try to curb your diet until you can find a way to eat steamed food and step up your diet you understand. Every day we cook a different menus but today we have cilantro, lime, brown rice, we have a rigatoni pasta, we have some cream sweet potato, red beans chili, we have some steamed veg, Choy sum, Fried Eggplant, we have the vegan meat, we have vegan citrus spare ribs which is out of soy, we have vegan teriyaki chicken which is out of soy and we have sweet and sour tofu.”

Jose Sanchez: “Would you then say it is a combination of mind and body when it comes to what it is you are trying to give the people?”

Ras Ruben Chef, Vegan Bit: Yes well, it is a spiritual awareness but it is actual physical food to awaken the spirit, the dormancy of the people them because when the people consume certain things, you are what you eat.”

Vegan Bites is located at a kiosk at rear of BTL Park in Belize City.