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Altun Ha Vendors Say Police Demanded to See Vaccination Cards

Enforcements were being carried out this morning at the Altun Ha Archaeological site as vendors were being asked to provide their vaccination cards. A group of about eighteen vendors stationed at the site was reportedly approached by officers who demanded to see their vaccination cards. Love News understands that some of the vendors who have already received the jab were unable to present proof while the others who are yet to get vaccinated were given until next week to do so or face being shut down. We understand that some vendors became irate and were told that to pack up and leave until they can present their cards. Our newsroom spoke to Allan Jones, one of vendors who were on site this morning. He gave his version of what transpired.

Allan Jones, Vendor, Altun Ha: “We were approached by I guess it’s a police attached to the tourism unit. He’s requesting or asking for the vaccination ID be presented because the SI states that people who do vending or other front line work be vaccinated and if we can’t provide the ID stating that we’ve been vaccinated then we’ll be asked to close down. For example for me they gave me until next week but then I have no intention of doing any vaccination because I have to check my health status first.”

Reporter: Did this officer say where this directive came from ? 

Allan Jones, Vendor, Altun Ha: “Well he states it’s from his boss. I don’t know if it’s the police department or more likely the tourism unit yes. According to the officer the SI was passed last Sunday. To me that took to close. Personally for me I need to go and check my health status I can’t just jump up and go take a vaccination where no explanation is behind it.”

And, while the vendors remain clueless as to who gave that directive, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) Sapna Budhrani told Love News that the Belize Tourism Board may have been behind the move.

Sapna Budhrani, President, NICH: “I am not aware of the situation at this moment you’re giving me news so I wouldn’t be able to comment on it but I’ll surely look into it. I know that the BTB has been visiting our sites and they have been enforcing the gold standard so I’m not sure if they’re the ones who have been informing them but it’s definitely not NICH at the moment.”

We’ll have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.