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Alvarine Burgess Says She Earned $1.5K Per Trip to Immigration

After being postponed for one week, the Special Senate Select Committee resumed its investigations into the auditor general’s reports. There was not any disruption or interruption at today’s hearing and that had to do with the increase of police presence and Senator Aldo Salazar’s stern warning. We will get to that later, but first we go to the testimony of whistle-blower Alvarine Burgess. . Burgess made headlines when she accused Minister Edmond Castro of taking bribes to issue recommendations for visa applications. She was the second witness today and she told the committee that Castro issued about two hundred recommendations within a six month period. According to Burgess, she made one thousand five hundred dollars per trip she made to Belmopan to deliver the visa recommendations. However, the bombshell that Burgess dropped was the source of the money. Burgess alleged that Inspector Rochelle Chan gave her the money to pay Castro.


Chairman of the committee, Aldo Salazar had some difficulty either understanding or believing Burgess.

We understand that Chan is denying the statements made by Burgess. Our news team stopped by Hattieville Police Station where he is the commanding officer, but he sent his officer to tell our reporter that he was busy. Aside from Minister Castro and Chan, in her testimony, Burgess named Ministers Erwin Contreras and Anthony “Boots” Martinez.