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Ambassador Amadei on Final Tour of Duty in Belize

Head of the European Union Delegation to Belize, Paola Amadei, is in Belize on the final tour of duty in that capacity. During the visit she is expected to meet with senior representatives from the Government and Diplomatic Corps as well as call on Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young.  Ambassador Amadei has initiated a number of different projects in different communities. The first she  participated in was the inauguration of the rehabilitated Punta Gorda Market in the Toledo District this morning, as well as the upgraded Hopkins Road in the Stann Creek District. These development projects are under the Belize Rural Development Project (BRDP), implemented through the National Authorizing Office (NAO). The upgrade Hopkins Road is worth an estimated six point three million Belize Dollars, which is two point nine million Euros. These projects were developed to boost economic development in the surrounding areas. She will also speak at the Grant Launching Ceremony for a project with UNICEF. This project, aimed at creating an environment for the protection of children from violence and abuse, is partly funded by the European Union, totaling nearly three hundred thousand Belize which is an estimated one hundred thirty thousand Euros.