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Ambassador Amadei’s Visit to Belize Two-Fold

The visit of the Head of Delegation for the European Union, Ambassador Paola Amadei, to Belize for its Independence Day celebrations coincides with a handing over event planned for southern Belize.  Ambassador Amadei is scheduled to be at the Georgetown Technical High School tomorrow in the Stann Creek District where she will be donating vocational training equipment valued at one million Belize dollars.  This latest contribution comes through the resources from the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme, which has a role of fostering social and economic development with the aim at reducing poverty for children and families in the banana belt.  This brings the value of contributions made to the Georgetown Technical High School to about eight million Belize dollars through the Government’s partnership with the European Union.  Following Ambassador Amadei’s visit there, she will then move on to Monkey River Town in the Toledo District where a refurbished hurricane shelter will be officially handed over.  The refurbishment of this shelter falls under the program, Belize Rehabilitation and Construction of Hurricane Shelters Programme, initiated and funded by both the Government of Belize and the European Union at a cost of one point five million Belize dollars.  To date there have been nineteen hurricane shelters rehabilitated across the country.