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Ambassador says it’s ok to use George Price in ICJ Campaign

The ICJ Campaign relied on familiar faces that we see on the TV and ear on the radio. The visages of these local celebrities are accompanied with bold text messages that encourage people to vote on April 10. There are two posthumous billboards that have attracted negative as well as positive responses from the public. Belize’s first Prime Minister and Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price has also become part of the campaign. The billboard featuring Price has irked one member of the Price family, but Rosado believes the complaint is unique to that individual. Ambassador Alexis Rosado believes it’s fair use of Price’s words, since he was a public figure. Rosado said he directed the complainant to the office of the attorney general, Michael Peyrefitte to discuss the concern.

H.E. Alexis Rosado Belize Ambassador to Guatemala: “We got a call from one member of the family about it and we directed them to the office of the Attorney General’s Ministry and it is there now. The advice we had is that the Leader of the nation, Father of the Nation George Price is a national figure, a public figure and the text which he is quoted as saying is authentic. We have looked at it in the archives and it says “national interest above party politics” and it identifies his name and then it says his national view and it says “vote on the 10th of April”. Other members of the family that we know of, at least this is the information that I have, have no problem with it and if in that case then this person is talking on behalf of the family or on behalf of the estate as they intend to call it then you need to talk to the Solicitor General. The question that arises is the National Hero which is a public figure and unless we are misrepresenting his image or his words then the advice we got is that it is legitimate.”

Ambassador Rosado told us that the Philip Goldson quote, which accompanied him on the billboard, came from a Goldson family member who attributed the words to him.