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Ambassador Shoman Updates PUP on Differendum

Today there was a meeting at the PUP’s headquarters in Belize City; only it was not to discuss internal politics but rather it was an informational session where former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman was apprising the party on the recent meetings held with Guatemala as they relate to the Belize – Guatemala differendum.  At the start of John Briceno’s victory as Party Leader, we brought you the interview where he told Love News that the party would be revisiting their position surrounding the ICJ.  Briceno confirmed to Love News today that having these sessions are a part of their plans to reassess the matter and therefore it is important that the party be fully informed on the facts and keep in mind that the issue remains non-partisan.  Chairman Henry Usher spoke briefly on today’s session.


“It’s just part of the education process that the party leader and the party has committed to doing for our National Executive, for our parliamentarians, for our members and supporters countrywide on this issue. We believe that this is a critical national issue and that we have to have as much education as possible on this issue.”