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Ambassador Stuart Leslie leaves Referendum Unit

But as things seem to normalize in that area with the arrival of new diplomats, others are leaving. We are talking about Ambassador Stuart Leslie who has been at the forefront of the Government’s education campaign on the Belize-Guatemala territorial differendum within the Referendum Unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Leslie has played a key role in the campaign and his expertise has contributed significantly to the work. Today Foreign Minister Elrington spoke on his departure saying it is regrettable.

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“As Stuart had come to me maybe three weeks to a month ago and said to me that he was being pressured by people in his own party to as it were disengage. There were people in this party who felt that he was not conveying the best message to be seen to be so closely associated with us and also simultaneous be so closely associated with the Leader of the Opposition so he had to make a decision as to what he would do; whether he would stay with us or go with the Leader of the Opposition. You know Stuart is first and foremost a General of the People’s United Party, we knew that all the time but Prime Minister and myself have very great regard for him and his competence and his ability because we saw it as a national issue we had no difficulty with him working- as a matter of fact we were very pleased to have him work with us on the matter but he got pressured from his own party people so there was nothing we could do about it. We are very sorry to see him go because he is such a competent person, such an earnest person, you don’t often find people who are honest and competent and really nationalistic. I think Stuart is one of them but he is also passionately in love with his party and his party leader and so he made that choice.”


“Will they ever lose any moment now, the education effort?”

Wilfred Elrington – Belize Foreign Minister

“No actually rather than losing the momentum the momentum really is being strengthened, we have presently in country as we speak Ambassador Alexis Rosado who was the man in charge.”

Ambassador Alexis Rosado is in charge of the Unit and is presently in the country moving the campaign ahead. The ministry is looking for a replacement for Leslie and looking to bring other people on board to help strengthen the campaign.   Leslie has been with the unit since 2012. The public education process started in January 2013.