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Ambergris Caye to Boast First Hilton Resort in Belize

Mahogany Bay Village located on the south of Ambergris Caye, was built about two years ago. A village designed with a mixture of modern and British colonial architecture will become the host of one of the world’s most prestigious hotels in the world; Hilton Hotel. Mahogany Bay Village is the first property in Belize to host the Curio Brand which is a collection of independent, remarkable hotels, each backed by the strength of Hilton. Robert Helms is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Mahogany Bay Village spoke about hosting the luxury hotel.


“We’d like to welcome you to our Great House, the largest building in the project at over twenty two thousand square feet. This is our lobby. In fact if you were going to be a guest in our hotel you would check in right here and maybe have a beverage across the way. We have a hundred seat restaurant Al Fresco Dining; we have three bars in the building. We also have a meeting space, conference space; more than five thousand feet of conference space upstairs and this is kind of the hub. We know a lot of persons who earn points through programs like Hilton Honors earn them while they are on business trips and then use those points to take a vacation, to travel and we hope to be the recipients of that as well since a lot of the folks who are Hilton Honor members of course don’t know that Hilton is in Belize and so that is going to be an exciting part as well.”

Representing Hilton is Juan Corvinos who is the Managing Director Development for Mexico, Central America and Hispanic Caribbean Regions. According to Corvinos, the Hilton Hotel has fifty two million members. The goal is to get some of these loyal members to visit the Hilton Hotel in Belize.


“There is a lot of speculation as to what will become of Mahogany Bay. This wonderful project will be soon be the first Hilton Worldwide Property in Belize. Our entry into the country under the Curio collection by Hilton Flag. We’re very proud to announce this partnership today with all of you distinguished guest and also to applaud the opportunities that this presents for guests, customers and employees of the future hotel alike. We have fifty two million loyal customers that we are going to be bringing hopefully at some point to Belize. We are very proud of this partnership because Mahogany Bay represents what is traditional from Belize as well as all the good things that Belize has to show to our guests. We’re very proud to be entering Belize in our ninety three years of history, we’re a very young company and we hope to bring the Curio Collection with twenty open hotels in four countries to our one hundred and fourth country in the world where we have presence.”

Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia said the name brand hotel will benefit the tourism industry in Belize.


“The Sustainable Tourism Masterplan we have been aiming to maintain in a not-high rise fashion, more boutique types. Also being able to blend one or two international brands and today we have witnessed the unveiling of Hilton through Curio which we will  be managing in this particular Mahogany Bay Resort and I believe it is something great for Belize today. I believe all Belizeans are supposed to be proud about having Hilton which is one of the largest chains of hotel in the world and today I feel pleased. I think the industry is very happy about what has happened because it will just spread throughout, not just benefit Mahogany Bay Village but also it will spread because when people from you heard, fifty two million other members that come over here and spread the word about Belize, the word about La Isla Bonita. It means a lot and it will encourage other tourists to come to Belize also.

The project is estimated at eighty million dollars and the hotel hopes to be up and running by December of this year. Mahogany Bay Village includes stores such as Scuba School Belize, Rum and Bean and Polish Salon.