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American Attempting to Switch to Electric Vehicles

During the Foreign Press Center’s virtual reporting tour, reporters from around the world were briefed by Jeff Logan. He is the Associate Director of Energy, Policy, and Analysis of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute. Logan spoke about the energy transition that’s currently underway in many countries. He shared that energy transition is one that’s largely going from fossil fuels to renewable energy and some other more advanced energy technologies like electric vehicles.

Jess Logan, Associate Director, RASEI: “You know for a lot of developing countries these technologies, at least electric vehicles, are very expensive especially if the government doesn’t waive or lower the import tariffs for electric vehicles and so even a country like Brazil where they produce airplanes and sell them around the world they look at imported electric cars as very expensive and I think a lot of these countries are trying to domesticate the manufacturing capabilities for these technologies not just electric vehicles but concentrating solar power, all kinds of different renewable technologies and I think there’s always some tradeoffs involved but it certainly will remain a dynamic environment going forward and I’m hopeful that these technologies will eventually sweep across the entire world and not only will – for a new technology to displace an old technology not only does it need to be the same cost or lower but it needs to have higher performance standards and we see that with electric vehicles. They are so much better in many ways than the internal combustion engine because they have very few moving parts and as a result the operation and maintenance costs are very low compared to a normal car, they’re fun to drive, they obviously are more sustainable in almost every case and I’m confident that these new technologies will sweep around the world eventually.”