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Maria Gardener was not the only victim of a ome invasion.  In southern Belize, an American National was stabbed inside his house during an aggravated burglary in Hopkins Village over the weekend. Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to the victim, Thomas Shannon.

Harry Arzu: “A US National who resides in Hopkins Village sustained a stab wound to the right side of his abdomen over the weekend and was admitted to ward. He has been identified as 73 year old Thomas Shannon. Reports here say that two men entered his house located on the south side of Hopkins Village on a Saturday night with a firearm. They tied him up and inflicted the said stab wound. The culprits then left with the victims laptop, a cellular phone and his Hyundai sports utility vehicle described as gold in color. We understand that 20 year old Karil Sanchez from a Flamboyant Street in Belize City and 23 year old Steve Crawford of a Jane Usher Boulevard were found with the vehicle by Hattieville Police. They were also found with Shannon’s belongings and a 9mm pistol. It is expected that the two suspects will be charged for the firearm an aggravated burglary.”

Harry Arzu: “Tell us what happened in Hopkins and when?”

US National Thomas Shannon: “It was probably about 8:30 or 7 o’clock Saturday night. I was watching television but I heard voices outside so I got up to go and check to see who it was and it was two guys: one with a gun and one with a knife. They forced their way in, hit me over the head several times with the gun and with other objects. They kept saying where is the money? And I kept saying there is no money. Then they said that they got word from the man that I had a lot of money so I told them you have the wrong place because I don’t have any money and they just kept tearing things apart. Insisting that I had money, they stabbed me and hit me over the head and finally they got me down and put my hands behind me and taped me with duct tape and then the kept putting the duct tape around my head, all around across my eyes, first across my mouth, then across my nose, my eyes and I kept saying I couldn’t breath so they poked me with the knife right here, they poked me in the nose. It didn’t help much and then they just kept hitting me and kicking me and there was not much I can do. I did have a safe at home but it only had papers in it. It didn’t have any money in it but they broke into that. They have been around, they seemed to know what they were doing. At one point I grabbed the for the gun, I was going to take it away from him and the other guy stabbed me at that point. Reporting for Love News from Hopkins Village for Harry Arzu.”

Shannon said the assailants sprayed his head with bugspray. They escaped with 2 cellphones and an old Apple Ipod.  When he was able to free himself, he walked over to Jungle Genie Resort where he received assistance.