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American Citizen Dies in Road Accident in Southern Belize

A US national was killed in a road traffic accident on the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.


“A fatal traffic accident has claimed the life of one person in Toledo.  Office in command Toledo Police Formation Inspector Clement Cacho spoke of the accident.”


“Approximately at 12:35am on the 14 of March 2016 Tevin Aranda a police constable with regulation number 1984 contacted the police station via 911 and notified them of a traffic accident in Forest Home village. As a result of the information received officers from the formation visited the scene between miles four and five on the Southern Highway whereby they observed that a white in color Ford Excursion facing a west to east direction on the left hand side of the highway whilst travelling from Elridge Village to Forest Home village. Off the edge of the road with the front of the vehicle extensively damaged and the rear wheel of a bicycle was seen to be embedded in the grill of the white Ford excursion. The vehicle was being driven at the time by one James Williams , 31 years old. The lifeless body of a male person was seen lying in front of the vehicle in the bushes off the road. A police vehicle, a Ford F150, was seen on the opposite side of the road facing an east to west direction whilst travelling on the San Antonio Road. The vehicle was approximately 27 feet from the edge of the road in some bushes. The front wheel of the bicycle was seen approximately 15 feet from the police vehicle. The truck was being driven at the time by corporal Jeremiah Usher. Initial investigations revealed that the police vehicle was parked on the side of the road facing and east to west direction with the hazard lights on and it was blinking to attend to a fair skinned male person who was riding a bicycled looking disoriented. As the corporal exited the vehicle he observed an oncoming vehicle from the direction of Elridge Village come over the slope of a hill and went directly toward the police vehicle and the fair skinned male person. The corporal hurriedly jumped inside the vehicle in order to avoid being hurt, the vehicle collided head on into the police vehicle crushing the fair skinned male person between both vehicles. A notice of intended prosecution has been issued to both drivers, statements have been recorded, blood and urine samples had been taken. Corporal Usher sustained injuries to the left side of his head, PC Gamboa sustained injuries to his left foot, PC Aranda only complained of paint to the chest. At the time of the incident police officers had two persons detained; one of them by the name of Alston McLaughlin sustained a cut wound to his left foot and complained of pain to his right wrist. The other male person did not sustain any injuries. The occupants of the Ford Excursion did not receive any injuries. Charges should be laid some time during the course of the day upon Mr. Williams.”


“Police investigation continues into this fatal traffic accident which reportedly claimed the life of an American citizen who is believed to be about 27 years of age and was residing in Cattle Landing Village.  Reporting for Love News Paul Mahung Punta Gorda.”