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American couple charged with cruelty to a child

The American couple who are suspected to be involved in the death of 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon are not free. Yesterday, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, told the media that David Anke Doehm was unable to meet bail after being charged and arraigned for possession of valium but his fine was eventually paid. His wife, Anke Doehm was escorted off the island and placed in detention at the Queen Street Police Station as she is being investigated for pornography. Today, Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody said that Anke Doehm is detained there and she is likely to be officially arrested.

Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody
“Yes we have her in our custody I must acknowledge and we are waiting for directive. I got a text recently I believe about forty five minutes ago a very positive signal and I believe that no too far from now I believe that we will be making an arrest definitely.”

“An arrest for pornography?”

Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody
“Well I cannot say at this moment but they are reviewing the document that we have and it looks very likely that we will make an arrest.

There has been public outcry following the death of the couple’s adopted daughter last week. A late release from the Police Department indicates that Anke Doehm and David Doehm will be jointly charged for the crime of cruelty to a child. Anke has been charged while David will be formally charged tomorrow when he is brought down from the Kolbe Foundation. The crime carries a sentence of ten years. The Police investigation continues.