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American Investor Imprisoned After Failing at Airport Project in Belize

American Investor, Brent Borland was sentenced to eighty-four months in prison by the Southern District of New York after failing at an airport project in Belize. Borland was charged and pled guilty to conspiring to commit and the commission of securities fraud and wire fraud. It was back in 2014 when Borland began soliciting investors’ money to construct an airport in Belize. During a period of four years Borland was able to collect 26 point one million dollars for the airport construction, using the company name, Belize Infrastructure Fund or Belize Fund. In return for the investments, Borland committed to a high rate of returns along with investment securities via private lots in Belize. Rather than fulfilling those promises to the forty investors, Borland used the millions to fund a plush lifestyle. According to the United States Department of Justice, the monies were spent on his mortgage, credit card bills, luxury cars, private schools for his children and a beach club membership. In addition to his seven-year sentence, Borland will also serve a three-year release under supervision and has been ordered to pay forfeiture of just over 26.5 million dollars and restitution of another 26.1 million dollars. Borland, a West Palm Beach resident, was sentenced on October 5 by US District Judge Katherine Polk Failla (fay-luh).