American National Charged with Spreading False News Amidst Allegations Against Belize Police

American National Charged with Spreading False News Amidst Allegations Against Belize Police

Police have arrested and charged 39-year-old American national Joseph Anthony Camp for spreading false news. Camp was arrested for a post on social media where he made allegations against the police department’s involvement in a shooting; allegations that the department says are completely false. The American national is the brother-in-law of 18-year-old Jaylon Jones, who was shot by police on April 10. Camp went live on Facebook and alleged that Jones was shot by police and was being denied medical access, which landed him on the wrong side of the law. Meanwhile, Camp says he intends to sue the police department for rights violations. He spoke with the media yesterday, alleging that he was assaulted by police, and said that he has already lodged a complaint with the Professional Standards Branch.

Joseph Anthony Camp, Charged with Spreading False News: “We do intend to hire lawyers and seek every legal remedy that we are afforded here in Belize as well as internationally. I do have my legal team in the United States aware of this. The US Embassy as well and I intend to seek every legal recourse for myself, my in laws, and my brother in law. When I came to the scene last night what I saw was horrific. It was the lowest level of police crime scene people trampling around, nobody helping my brother in law, his injuries could have been anything from maybe a flesh wound to serious injuries but he was shot with bullets and bullets need medical attention. Just last night at the Mahogany Police Station while they were there because it was the first stop of several the police made before taking him to the hospital, the police officer had pepper sprayed me and they shoved me around. I wasn’t obstructing any kind of investigation, they did not give any warning they simply pepper sprayed me. I’m allergic to that material so I immediately flared up last night and sought medical attention through a private medical examiner who has the reports and photographs of the injury. I’m still in a lot of pain from the situation but my pain is miniscule compared to the family of my in law and compared to a gunshot wound of my brother in law.”

Camp is expected to be arraigned on Monday at the Belize City magistrate court.

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