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Investigation Launched Into American’s Death in Belize

Sixty seven year old Janice Mittlestadt died out at sea today. Police were called out to the Radisson Pier in Belize City and there they say Mittlestadt dead. Commander of the Tourism Police Unit, Superintendent Gualberto Garcia shared more details surrounding her death.


“We had to conduct an investigation which is still ongoing.  However, what we can say at this moment is that this person is an American tourist, she has been identified as one Janice Middlestat. She is 67 years old. She has an address in South Dakota in the United States. Indications are that she came on a cruise ship this morning since we had four of them this morning, she was picked up there sometime this morning and went on her tour. Information so far is that she was snorkeling somewhere off Sergeant’s Caye when she suddenly went under water. She was rescued and was given emergency services however she could not regain consciousness and then she was transported to the main land where the police encountered her this morning. The investigation at this time is very young however what we know is that she was on an official tour with a licensed company and that she had to have been in the company of at least one tour guide. We do not have any indication at this point if she had any preconditions that could have led to this. The body is currently at the KHMH morgue and an autopsy will be performed on the body and upon the conclusion of that we will be able to say precisely what caused her death.”

Mittlestadt is from South Dakota in the United States of America. She was here as a tourist with her family.