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American National Killed in RTA

An American National was killed in an accident on December first. The victim, 85-year-old John Thomas was driving a van in Louisville Village in the Corozal District when a Dodge Calibre driven by 44-year-old Martin Carillo mowed down Thomas inside his vehicle. The police say that they were unable to take blood samples from Carillo because the doctors told them he had lost too much blood at the scene

ASP Alejandro Cowo: I know he died about four days after incident. The driver of the other vehicle was admitted to the Hospital and he was released on Friday however he has been served with an NIP[Notice of Intended Prosecution] but he is not in a state to be taken to the station because both of his legs are broken and he is bedridden at this moment and also police has served him with the notice giving us enough time for us to prepare a file and then we will decide what charges will be levied against him. I know that is one of the allegations that is out there however the police did the process that they had to do but we have to understand that because of the nature of the incident where the suspected driver had bled profusely and has lost a lot of blood that the medical personal advised that it was not prudent for any blood to be withdrawn from him.”

John Thomas died 5 days after the accident.