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American nurse killed and dumped in garbage bin

The weekend saw three murders.  One in the south, one in the north and in rural Belize.  We begin our newscast with the American woman who was found murdered in a garbage drum.

The weekend saw three murders.  One in the south, one in the north and in rural Belize.  We begin our newscast with the American woman who was found murdered in a garbage drum.  50-Year-old, Wendi Dardano, was found with multiple stab wounds to the body in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District on Saturday evening. Initial reports indicate that Dardano was found in a sitting position in the garbage bin.  Correspondent, Harry Arzu, spoke to colleagues of Dardano who became concerned after calling her multiple times.

Harry Arzu, Dangriga Correspondent, Love News: Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told Dangriga residents at a public meeting held on Wednesday night that he has instructed his commanders to enforce the laws of Belize including cracking down on crimes like loitering and public drinking in an effort to alleviate criminal activities and to improve the quality of life of all citizens and his instructions are being carried out. This is evident here because there are more police officers from the different units of the police department in town who are following these instructions. However while they are carrying out the commissioner’s instructions another murder has been reported, only this time in Hopkins Village. The victim who has been identified as 50 year old Wendy Dardano, an American National, was providing medical care for the residents here in Hopkins Village. She was reportedly stabbed multiple times and her body was dumped in a garbage container. After she had gone missing and could not be reached a search party was organized in the area and at about 6pm yesterday her body was found in a garbage bin in her yard. Police have her boyfriend detained as they continue their investigation. Love News spoke with two of her coworkers who are saddened by this horrific murder.

Coworker: “She worked with us for almost five months. She was at the Dangriga Polyclinic before she transferred here to Hopkins. She basically kept to herself, from work to home work to home and hung out with us the coworkers so there is no way she could have had troubles with anybody.” 

Coworker 2:  “Well I got a call from my coworker stating that they could not find her yesterday so we were wondering if she went missing because she would never leave her house without her phone or her dog or her vehicle and everything was there so we knew that something was wrong because she would never leave those things behind.”

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, Dardano was in Belize for over a year, but he does not know how long she had been living with her common-law husband. He also stated that the issue of domestic violence in that household was brought to the police’s attention, but there was no official report made.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch: “On Saturday sometime around 3pm Hopkins police were called by a concerned citizen who reported to them that she was calling Wendy Dardano, 50 years American national’s cellphone where she was answered by a male person. Previous to that she made several calls from earlier in the day which were again answered by a male person who gave her different accounts as to her whereabouts which caused her to get suspicious and as a result she called Hopkins police who visited Ms.Dardano’s house in Hopkins Village where upon arrival they encountered her common law husband and as a result a conversation was held with him and he was eventually detained. Police then went back to the area shortly thereafter where a search was conducted on the entire house and yard where later in a blue plastic drum in front of the yard they discovered the apparent lifeless body of Ms.Wendy Dardano inside the barrel. The scene was processed where she was observed with an apparent injury to the chest. Her common-law husband at this time remains in police custody pending this investigation.”

According to ACP Myvett, Dardano and her husband were seen at different locations around 11 o’clock on the previous night. Police are unsure of where the actual murder occurred.  Love News understands that a confession has been made for Wendi’s murder but police has not confirmed.