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American Tourist Drowns at Hol Chan Reserve

American national fifty seven year old Jeffrey Bartle lost his life in Belize yesterday. The Belize Tourism Board confirmed that Bartle died while at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. He was snorkeling and this evening Deputy OC of San Pedro Police Inspector Henry Jemott, told Love News that Bartle drowned.


“The post mortem is saying that the person died due to drowning. Initial investigation into this matter is that police were called out to San Pedro Polyclinic sometime around 10:15 yesterday where they stated that the lifeless body of a tourist was at that location. Police proceeded to that location where they found the lifeless body of one Jeffrey Barton, a 57 year old of Minnesota USA. Initial investigation stated that he booked a snorkeling tour to Hol Chan and whilst on the tour with some family members the tour guide noticed that he was floating and was unresponsive. As a result the tour guide rushed over and rendered aid and after which they did CPR and rushed him to the San Pedro poly clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”


“Are you able to say if investigators have been able to ascertain what went wrong? Did he have any pre- existing conditions?”


“At this point we are still investigating. We have spoken to the family members and we are still trying to contact his family doctor to find if he has any pre- existing illnesses. The post mortem is clear that he drowned.”