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American Woman Drowns in Belize Waters

A 32-year-old housewife of Los Angeles, California is dead following a drowning incident in southern Belize.  Tiffany Karhaneck and her husband were in Belize on vacation and were staying at the Hopkins Bay Resort on since Friday, February 26.  On Saturday evening, the couple rented a kayak from the resort at around five o’clock and less than an hour later, a police officer of the Tourism Police Unit was responding to a distress call.  Upon that response, they found the body of the woman; she was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.  The woman and her husband, 65-year-old, Michael Karhaneck were scheduled to leave the country on Tuesday, March 1.  Love News understands that this is the third occasion where the Belize Coast Guard has had to rescue tourists from the seas.