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Amidst Pressure and Allegations Clear The Land Remains In BRN

Belize Rural North Area Representative, Edmund Castro has been the subject to a series of allegations of wrongdoings in the past …. but even amidst the allegations he remained the Standard Bearer for the UDP in the Belize Rural North division.  The convention was held this past weekend.  With a look at the predictions and actual outcome, we join Hipolito Novelo.


“There was a total of 2170 votes cast today. Of that amount, we have Dwight Tillett receiving 537 votes. We have Edmund Castro receiving 1, 612.”


“Edmund Castro was re-elected to be the UDP’s Standard Bearer for the Belize Rural North constituency for the next General Elections. He won by a comfortable margin of 1075, or 74.2% of the total ballots cast with 21 spoilt ballots.  Prior to the results, Castro had predicted his victory.”


“I don’t want to sound like I am bragging but I told you this before.”


“So, you still maintain that air of invulnerability, that you will not be defeated, here nor in the next general elections?”


“My brother, as long as my name is on the ballot and I continue to work hard for the people, the good people of Belize Rural North, they will always come out and support Clear the Land because I give selflessly.”


“But Castro was not by himself, his Cabinet colleague, : Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez,  presented himself to demonstrate his support for Clear the Land Castro.”


“Well, I am here to support my cabinet colleague Minister Castro. Of course I have been a supporter of Castro ever since he launched off in Belize Rural North before even helping him with village council, he was one of my favorite candidates.”


“Castro was challenged by Dwight Tillett, a former ally turned opponent. Tillett once worked with Castro but in Sunday’s convention, he sought to replace Castro, but, as the figures showed, he was blown out of the water by only receiving 26 percent of the votes. He too was sure he would win.”


“I think that a lot of the reds you see out here in Castro’s shirts are out here because of the monies that they are going to get for it. Our people have been telling us all along and we know them and we are not worried. If the people are misleading us we will accept that there will be no tears if we don’t win this. If we win then it will mean that the people have decided that it is time for a change so we are not concerned about the colors and the hype and the optics; it’s not bothering us at all. We have told our people from the get go that this is going to happen and we must stay focused.”


“So, now Castro is expected to go against Major Lloyd Jones of the PUP for the next general elections. By the looks of it, all the corruption and political scandals and slanders that Castro has been allegedly involved in, did not factor in in this Sunday’s UDP convention……but will it do so in the general elections? We’ll see when that day comes but for now, Castro boasts that he will defeat Major Jones.”


“And we will send the message right through to the People’s United Party whichever major course that they would like to go down but we are here and the UDP clear the land committee is pulling out it’s people and we will be victorious today, tomorrow and like I had said earlier, Castro Convention 2I don’t want to sound like I am bragging too much but we could have had the general election and just throw in the PUP who they want to send in today. As we journey on to defeat whatever major disaster that might come we will continue to deliver the seat for the United Democratic Party here in this constituency.”