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An Appeal to Help Family Rebuild Following House Fire in Rural Belize

On Saturday, July 11, we told you of a 13-member family that lost their home to a house fire in the wee hours of that morning.  The two-storey wooden structure located in Biscayne Village, Belize District, occurred between two thirty and three o’clock that morning, leaving four adults and nine children homeless.  37-year-old, Emmerson Michael Senior is the home owner and today, he spoke to Love News about the road to recovery as well as the support he has been receiving from the public.


“Well honestly support from the general public has been very good when it comes to clothing; we had a very good response from the general public when it comes to clothing but when it comes to …  due to the fact that because of the fire now there are seventeen of us who were living at my mom’s house. Yes clothing has been very good but I would like to assist my mom with some food stuff and a little building materials so that we can start something over, or household items to put back in the house, I haven’t got any response to that sort of thing. That is my main appeal at this moment building materials.”

According to Michael, fire officials are yet to give a definitive cause of the fire which has delayed him in getting the kind of assistance he needs in terms of building materials.


“They came later on on Saturday during the day to do the investigation but they couldn’t complete their investigation due to the fact that there was a lot of intense heat coming from the rubble and they had to leave it that Saturday and they said they had to come back on Monday to do their investigation which was yesterday, they didn’t show up yesterday so I went to Belize City to the fire department and I went to speak to the personnel in charge and he told me yesterday that they had three fire fighters that reported sick so they couldn’t come in and hence the reason they couldn’t come. So they said they would come today and up to this time they have not reached as yet. I was in the city all day yesterday I was going around trying to get some assistance but everybody was requesting the report from the fire department and due to the fact that I didn’t have that I couldn’t get any assistance and that is the reason why I went to the fire service yesterday and they said they were coming today to finish the investigation so that I could get the fire report but they still haven’t come.”Emmerson Michael 1

Love News had contacted the National Fire Service but a response has not been forthcoming.  The two storey structure was the home to four adults and nine children.  If you can assist Michael and his family in rebuilding their home, you can contact them at 620-3849 or 668-7976.  An assessment done on the items inside the house and the structure has concluded that the losses are valued at forty six thousand dollars.  As it pertains to the incident, the family says they were alerted of the fire when one of the occupants, Oscar Ponce felt the heat emanating from under his bedroom floor on the upper flat.  Upon making checks he found that the lower flat was on fire and thus he alerted the other occupants of the home.  Neither the home nor its contents was insured.