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An Elderly Man and Quarter Million Dollar Jackpot

The winner for Tuesday’s Fantasy Five draw today picked up his prize money. The winner is seventy six year old Malcom John Dale of Dangriga. Dale says that he sells fantasy five tickets in his shop, and when he went to check the ticket he purchased the next morning he realized that he was the winner. Dale says that he still cannot believe it.


“I sell the Fantasy 5 in Dangriga and the last thing I did before I went home on Tuesday was buy a quick pick. I didn’t look at it and on Wednesday morning when I came in I turned on the machine I found the ticket and scanned it and when I looked at it it said $286,000. I nearly fell off my chair. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.”


“You have any plans?”


“Not a clue.”

Dale said with his winnings he can now consider retirement.


“Time to hang up the gloves anyway because I work seven days a week. I don’t know what I will do because when you get used to working it’s hard not to so maybe I’ll keep on working. Every time I buy one it’s one quick pick. I never buy more than one. I only work half a day and then I go home. I work at three, I don’t come out in the evening and I don’t come out at night. Those boys will think I have the money in my pocket or under the bed but they don’t know about banks.”

Malcom Dale’s cheque says he won two hundred sixty eight thousand dollars, but he actually won two hundred and eighty six thousand dollars. A mistake was made while writing out the demonstration  cheque. Never the less Dale took home two hundred forty three thousand one hundred dollars after taxes. The lucky numbers were 05 11 19 34 and 29 and lucky letter was W.