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An Update on Bus Subsidy Program

Also on the topic of fuel, we asked Minister of Sports, Rodwell Ferguson for an update on the fuel subsidy for bus operators. In July, the Department of Transport rolled out its $1.6 million Fuel Subsidy Program. The program targeted 93 bus operators from across the country. The program came as a result of the global surge in fuel prices. Minister Ferguson gave an update. 

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Youth, Sports and Transport: The subsidy comes in place because of the rising cost of fuel and we try to cap I think the fare to $13.50 and we’re giving a subsidy of $0.91 so once the price reaches back to $12.50 then the subsidy is no longer required but we committed to them that once the price rises above that then we are going to review after six months and if we need to continue we’re going to continue but with the falling of prices right now I believe that by the maybe by the time the six moths is over it might not be necessary but we will wait and see. Well the ministry has all what they have been doing we have documented so we know if they are making money or if they’re not making money and so we will make the best assumption to make sure that we provide the adequate transportation across the country and we are hoping to keep the prices where they are because when they first brought ups their list the price was exorbitant and we said no this can’t be passed on to the customer so we are going to look at it.”