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An Update On the Economy

In today’s question to Ministers session of the House Sitting, Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow asked for an update on the Economic Recovery Advisory Team. The team was formed in December 2020. Answering the question was Prime Minister John Briceno: 

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I need to again to remind the Leader of the Opposition of the need for the recovery team in the first place was specifically because of the mess his former leader, former Prime Minister and father left behind. You guys for 13 years were reminding what the PUP did I have to continue to remind you that we still are repairing and fixing the wreckage that the UDP left. I remember what you know I am a little man from Orange Walk so I am not you know when they talk about in French something about the deluge? Maybe you could tell me right ?  I mean you are a metropolitan man right? But even French he is using to try to impress but also kind of confuse Belizean people to say ‘wow this is a smart man he must be saying something smart.’ What people actually  quickly realized that what he said he said Belize you all got –  I don’t want to use the word we can’t use the word Madam Speaker but that’s what he was saying – and without the Vaseline too. Sorry anyway I’m sorry Madam Speaker. May I remind the leader to the extent of the generational mess, this is not just mess that you can fix in one year or even in one term. What was it that his father had said and I quote “I weep for my poor Belize.” He left Belize poor you know and then he said he would pray, he was crying for poor people in Belize. So the best response to this question – I want to be kind to the Leader of the Opposition – is that the recovery team’s overarching objective was achieved more quickly and more successful than even the team anticipated.”