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An Update on the Fen Lan Lands

During the interview with Fonseca, we asked him for an update on the land dispute in the Belama Phase four area where a group of residents was being evicted by Fen Lan which claimed that it owned the land. Fonseca says that the matter was successfully defended in the courts. 

Francis Fonseca, Area Representative, Freetown: “The Fen Lan issue is still very much ongoing. We had challenged that legally in court and actually we were victorious in that at the Supreme Court in that matter. But now that process has to be worked out through the Ministry of Natural Resources and with the Attorney general’s Ministry. The hope is that we can get those lands for the people who live there, who are living on those lands already. So that’s what we’re trying to work out. The other issue with Blades, I mean, again that’s a big issue and again the Ministry of Natural resources along with the Attorney General’s Ministry is working on trying to address that issue and we hope to have that resolved very shortly. You know it’s scandalous what took place with those lands. Government purchased and then resold. They purchased this land for almost $6 million and then resold it to Roosevelt Blades for a few thousand dollars. So as the Deputy Prime Minister has said on record and in the National Assembly, we’re going to take back those lands and give them out to the people of Belize City and certainly the people of Freetown.”