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An Update on the Recently Found Drug Plane

On Monday we told you about the remains of a drug plane that were found near Sunday Wood Village in the Toledo District on Sunday morning. The aircraft was destroyed by fire and police believe that its contents, presumably bails of cocaine, had been taken across the border quickly. It took police officers, with the help of BDF soldiers, hours to get to the exact location of the drug plane. Providing an update today was Police Commissioner Chester Williams. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “On Saturday night we had received information of a track coming out of South America and that it may be coming our way. Based on that information that we had received we deployed our troops which comprises police and BDF to different locations as we normally do. Sometime after 2am on Saturday night which would be Sunday morning we received information from our Mexican counterparts that the plane may have landed in the area of Sundaywoods, that’s the village in the Toledo district. Again this area as you would know is one of rugged terrain and our troops that were deployed in the Toledo district had to move from where they were and be deploy to that area. But again due to the rugged nature of the terrain it took the troops hours to get to the location. When they got there the team found a number of bicycles and some other items which we believe were used by those persons involved in the illicit landing of that plane. We certainly suspect that the cargo on board the plane was drugs and we have launched a number of operations in the area with a view to see if we can locate the findings but again the area is more close to the Guatemalan border than Belize so we believe that the product may have been taken into Guatemala as opposed to Belize as the area where the plane landed is near the Temash River and the Temash River if it comes out of that it takes you to the area of Barranco and from there you go through the sea and you’re right into Guatemala so we believe that the drugs may have taken that route. Certainly we do believe that the bicycles were the mode of transportation used by those who were engaged in the landing of the plane. Again vehicles could not reach the location because of the rugged terrain but bicycles and easily maneuver the small picados and could have gotten to the location so we believe that those involved used bicycles to get to the location.”