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Anchor Security Issues Release on Santa Elena Murders

On Tuesday we told you about the gruesome murder of two women in Santa Elena Town. Family members were outranged not only at the act of alleged gun man Andy Bustillo, but as was well with the security firm that Bustillos worked, Anchor Security. The gun used in the double murder is the property of Anchor Security. The families claimed that Bustillo’s boss knew about the threats being made to Miriam Mai. The family believes that if Bustillo’s boss listened to alleged pleas made to the security firm by Mai, she may have still been alive. Anchor Security sent a press release this evening addressing the matter.  The release began by sending their condolences to both families of Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda. Quote “The tragic and untimely passing of Miriam Mai and Daisy Miralda by way of domestic violence is one that the management of Anchor Security condemns in all its forms.” End of quote. The release went on to confirm the time frame of former employee being two and a half years and has confirmed the fire arm used in the double murder was that of Anchor Security. The firm also noted in the release that, Quote “Anchor Security Services points out the following: (1) Andy Bustillos was an employee of Anchor Security Services for two and a half years and not that of SMART (2) His shift on the day of the incident was from 9am – 5pm (3) He failed to hand in his weapon at the end of his shift as is standard procedure. End of quote. It closed by say Quote “Mr. Bustillos’ decision to commit this horrendous crime is in no way condoned by Anchor Security Services as the men and women of Anchor Security Services are there to protect and ensure the safety of the various communities where we are engaged.” End of quote.