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Andrew Ashcroft Granted Interim Custody of Children Shared with Jasmin Hartin

A Family Court judge has granted Andrew Ashcroft interim custody of the two children he shares with Jasmin Hartin. The decision was made this morning as both parents appeared in family court in Belize City. In his claim, Ashcroft accuses Hartin of being an alcoholic and a chronic drug user. Exiting the court, Hartin, accompanied by her attorney Wendy Auxillou, described the today’s decision as unfair. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Andrew Ashcroft-he is the son of British billionaire Michael Ashcroft- and this morning he appeared in the family court in Belize City. After a brief hearing, Ashcroft slowly exits the family court, before dashing into his car.

Reporter: Mr.Andrew do you have anything to say for the cameras ? 

He speeds off but a few minutes later, his attorney Roberta Usher tells reporters that Ashcroft was granted interim custody of the twins he shares with Jasmine Hartin. 

Reporter: Has Mr.Andrew retained custody for now ?

Roberta Usher, Attorney: “Yes he does.”

Reporter: That’s interim custody though ?

Roberta Usher, Attorney: “That’s interim custody and I will speak to you after the matter is finished.”

The matter was adjourned to a later date. Ashcroft wants full custody of the twins. In his claim, he calls Hartin a druggie and drunkard. Today, Hartin was more measured in her appearance. She described today’s outcome as unfair. 

Jasmine Hartin: “I don’t know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say but that was a very in my opinion a very unfair outcome but I don’t think I can speak right now.”

In court today, Hartin was represented by attorneys Leeroy Banner and Wendy Auxillou. 

Wendy Auxillou, Attorney for Jasmine Hartin: “This is a matter that involves children and because it involves children we have to take every care not to make spurious comments and allegations in the best interest of the children so my client intends to act very maturely and not discuss the custody issues until there’s a resolution at some point. They made an interim ruling in regards to the custody of the children until the big matter is ventilated in the courts.”