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Andrew Bennett continues to fight an extradition order

Belizean attorney, Andrew Bennett, who is wanted in the United States of America on money laundering charges, appeared yesterday before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, where he continues to fight the extradition order. Assistant Solicitor General Samantha Matute-Tucker and DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal represented the crown while Anthony Sylvestre represented Bennett.  Sylvestre is hoping to get his client off on a technicality that has to do with the Belize Ambassador’s failure to certify one of the documents pertaining to the extradition. After the court hearing yesterday, Sylvestre spoke to the media about the case.

Anthony Sylvestre – Attorney for Andrew Bennett: “We returned to court this morning to have the issue which on the last occasion the defense had brought to the attention of the court. One of the central documents which ought to have been the extradition bundle which is in possession of the court was not in the bundle and so since that time the Government and the United States, the legal representative has actually been holstered. Now we have the Director of Public Prosecution who has carriage of the matter so we were in the court this morning and we were discussing and making submissions on that issue. The learned Chief Magistrate concluded that well in the interest of justice he would allow the Government to have that document which was omitted, for it to find its way in the court’s possession.”

The case was adjourned to June 4.