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Andrew Bennett’s Attorney wants original extradition request document

The extradition case against Attorney Andrew Bennett was before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser this morning. As we have been reporting, he is wanted in the US territory of Puerto Rico on money laundering allegations. Last month, Bennett was granted bail of one hundred thousand dollars plus a surety of the same amount. During the previous hearing it was agreed that Bennett’s attorney would make submissions on February 16, giving an opportunity for Solicitor General Nigel Hawke to respond by today. Here is what happened in court today.

 Nigel Hawke, Solicitor General

“We made some commitments in terms of disclosure what we did do is disclose a copy of the document. I think we hit a little snag in that there is the original document that the other side requested that we are supposed to supply to them. I think we should receive those documents between today and tomorrow so we can hopefully have that sent to them so we can then move forward with the process of their indicating their objections that they have so the other side with our agreement request a short adjournment so that we can have those documents in so each side would have an opportunity to properly respond to the court based on the objections that they have. We anticipate objections I think they may have made it clearly that they have some objections but we don’t know what those objections are.”

Bennett has denied the allegations against him.