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Andrew Caliz Sentenced to Three Years for Killing Wife

Andrew Caliz was reportedly sentenced to three years behind bars for killing his common-law wife Noehmy Caceres on May 14, 2019. Caliz was first charged with murder but the charge was reduced to manslaughter by negligence because there was not enough evidence to prove there was intent to kill. Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley explains: 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney at Law: “The prosecution are not able to provide any evidence of murder, bearing in mind murder means you intentionally want to take life and you do take life. That is murder and you would have to have some evidence to support that. At the stage of getting ready for trial, the prosecution has been, what would be the word? I am, I am proud of them that they have accepted that there is no evidence to sustain a trial for murder. So, they are agreeable that we go to trial for manslaughter by negligence. The circumstances of the case is that a man and a woman living in a common-law relationship together, were in a room where they live and a firearm went off and the common-law wife was fatally shot, one shot to the back side. That is, those are the facts. So where in that is I intentionally wanted to kill my wife? He then picked up the body, ran outside, shouting for the neighbours. He was given assistance and accompanied the body to the hospital. The police turned up. He told the hospital the same news he told the neighbours. When the person expired and the police requested a statement, he gave a statement hours after the event. Again the story is the same story. Now the resort is in Toledo and I mean, if somebody wants to kill somebody, you don’t, you don’t do it right in your own house where there is blood and all kinds of evidence and neighbours and so on. So in any event, that person was charged for murder.”