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Andy Palacio Remembered in Festival

For more details on the upcoming Andy Palacio Musical Festival in Barranco, we join Paul Mahung.


Plans are in place for Andy Palacio Musical Festival in Barranco.  One of the coordinators  Dr. Ana Arzu of Wagiya Foundation and Arzu Mountain Spirit of Toledo Spoke to Love News of plans.


“The partnership between the Andy Palacio Foundation and the Wagiya Foundation is something that happened very organically, it was just natural. The Wagiya Foundation is dedicated to helping the refurbishing of Garifuna communities just  bringing it back to life on a cultural level and the Andy Palacio Foundation is dedicated to keeping the legacy of Andy Palacio’s life and his contributions alive so naturally we came together. This event is our first baby, everyone has to be there between 2pm and 10pm, at 10pm that is when everything is done. When you get there at 2pm there will be a lot of things waiting for you. This event is to celebrate the life of the legendary Andy Palacio and to commemorate his legacy. It’s an effort to create an annual event so it’s something we are going to do every year and this is the first ever. This is a family affair, the main event is going to feature live performances, Garifuna music favorites and other acts, there is going to be comedy, poetry, a talent show but the greatest part is a performance of the Garifuna Collective, Wagerale Drummers, Lloyd Augustine, Sam Harris and a lot more.”