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Anglican Archbishop on Working Visit to Belize

The Anglican Church in Belize is hosting the Most Reverend Dr. John Holder, current Archbishop of the Church in the province of the West Indies and See of Barbados.  He is here in Belize to attend three meetings. The first was on Saturday on the House of Bishops, the second was on the Provincial Doctrinal Commission held on Monday and today he is attending a meeting with the Provincial Standard committee. Today he shared a bit more about his stay in Belize with the media.


“Each of these groups forms special roles within the Ministry of the Province. The Bishops who are the leaders in each diocese we meet to reflect on our ministry and share ideas on how we can strengthen what we are already doing in our diocese. The doctrinal commission, again the Bishops and a few other persons we meet to look at the doctrinal issues and the issues we need to address in this region as Anglicans and how our Anglican theology can help us to address these issues. Today we are more or less into management, the provincial standing committee is a committee that manages the province when there is no synod in place so we meet as a standing committee twice each year and the house of Bishops will also meet twice this year so we are actually here in Belize to cover a lot of areas of the Ministry of the Anglican Church in the West Indies.”

As the Anglican Church growing within the Belizean community, Archbishop Dr. Holder says he has no doubt that the church is reaching out to all groups in Belize and adds that there are a few areas of concern that coincides with other countries in the West Indies.


“One of the primary areas we keep addressing and must do so at all times of course is the ear of our young people. We are fully aware that the young people in this region as in other parts of the world are confronted with issues, violence among young people for example are one of the primary issues in this region and therefore we had some discussion on that issue in a group and what we are trying to do is ensure that in each diocese of the province we have a vibrant youth ministry going. So the important issue, one of the important issues that we need to keep addressing at all times and cannot lose focus on is our young people. The other issues of course, the issues of violence in the societies,  and what we will be trying to do is to ensure that in the congregation especially where there are young people especially the children we start from very early trying to get them to understand that violence is not way of solving problems that there are other ways of solving problems. So we are working on that one as well and there are several other areas for example a lot of the churches in the province would have programs of outreach, there is no province in the world where there wouldn’t be some needy people and therefore part of our ministry as a church in this region is to ensure that we respond to the needs where there are and we try to help as many people as humanly possible with our limited resources.”

The meetings will wrap up on Thursday.