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Anglican Bishop Appeals to Nation to Start 2017 with God

Whilst a New Year’s address from the country leader and the Leader of the Opposition is the norm, it would not be complete without a message of spirituality.  Anglican Bishop, Philip Wright released his message today for the New Year where he spoke of the importance of love and God.  His message noted, quote, “Yet, the reality is that for many of us not much will change unless certain changes are made in our lives, such as our attitude toward ourselves, others and life in general. My humble recommendation is that you start with God and the desire to have a more meaningful and purposeful relationship with Him, especially as revealed in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ whose coming into this world we celebrate at this time.”  End of quote.  In his message, Bishop Wright also spoke of our actions as a people and how it ties into the type of nation we foster.  He wrote, quote, “Indeed, what is true for us, as individuals, is also true for us as a nation. The decisions our leaders make also have consequences and it is incumbent on them to make prudent decisions that will positively affect the lives of our people. In their case, the implications and the consequences of their decisions have more far-reaching effects. We must therefore continue to pray for them and hope that they too pray in the process of discernment and decision-making on our behalf. Belize remains a country with tremendous potential, populated by a people with tremendous potential.”  End of quote.