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Anglican Diocese speaks on the tragic murders occurring over the weekend

 This past weekend there were at least six murders and a couple shootings in Belize City. Canon Leroy Flowers from the Anglican Diocese said what we are seeing today has been festering for some time.

Canon Leroy Flowers, Anglican Diocese: “What is happening in Belize is for quite a while now we have lost a sense of respect for the rule of law. There is a crisis of governance and so no one is held accountable so average no one respects the laws anymore and therefore it doesn’t really matter anymore I can do what I like because those in government at all levels do as they like and they get away and there are no consequences for their actions and so nobody respects the police. If you were to come out here on any given tourist day with policemen out here and you wonder, are policemen out here? The way the fellows behave in the presence of the policemen who so often join in and so there is no respect for law and order anymore. We have lost our sense of purpose and so our children do as they like because the adults do as they like, because those in authority do as they like. I love to say in Belize right now, you want to get rich? Get a government job that you are an accountant or a cashier because nothing is done to you when the money disappears, you hear an everlasting investigation that has no end or you are taken to court and it all depends on when the court case is called the prosecutor has been transferred somewhere else and that file can’t be presented and the case is struck out. We cannot build the nation with such chaos and confusion. Our people are confused, our people are frightened and they are looking for leadership both religious, political and civic. There is no respect for each other.”

 Canon Flowers said the reason that the country is currently experiencing a crime epidemic is because as a people we are angry, divided and also self-absorbed.