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ANIGI- Belizean Literature available in E-Book Format

In a modern era, reading is becoming a lost art for kids who prefer audio visuals and interactive technology to the pages of a printed book. But for authors, the task is not only finding the right language for his audience, but to find the right vehicle to deliver the message. Belizean author Govel A. Morgan jr. told us he has rebranded his book Anigi for the digital era.

Govel A. Morgan Author: “In the book is Anigi and it was first published in 1999. Excerpts have been used in it for the Primary school exam. Anigi is spelled Anigi and it means heart. The book is about culture changes with changing times which is the essential theme of the book. Of course it is not a novelty, it is not a new theme, it is a global theme with regards to cultures across the world so the struggles of the cultural people from the Palestinians, to the Yucatec Mayas, to the Kechi, to the Garifuna people, to the creole people. It is about time with regards to  culture. Of course when new things come in it destabilizes to an extent or to the practices or the culture all over the world so the book in effect gives you a great feeling of it was like, what it is as we go through today. Anigi the book now has been moved from the self publishing stage to the international stage. It has been published by Page Publishing Cooperated out of New York. Of course it is available in all formats: you have the digital format, you have the hard cover and you have the paper back. The distribution is Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. It is also available on the retail shelves in North America. It is one of the few Belizean products that is available on the retail shelf with regards to moving and transcending it from the Belize scene to the international scene.”

The book Anigi is available in eBook format on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.