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Anisha Young Family’s Lead investigator says DNA is the next step

Anisha Young went missing in the darkness of the night on December 8th after she was socializing with her boyfriend and coworkers on the entertainment strip in Belize City. The case had appeared to be getting cold but the family launched search parties along the George Price and Phillip Goldson Highway for clues.  It’s changed from a search for a missing woman to a forensic search. Love News spoke to the family’s personal and lead investigator Jose Espat who says the case is now examining DNA for clues.

Lead investigator Jose Espat: “From the beginning we uncovered some camera footages and different stuff, some of the behalf of the Police, some from the family some from myself and we have been moving on leads that we have been getting overwhelmingly on facebook and people anonymously send in messages on Facebook of leads as to where we have gotten today. We have discovered a shallow grave on a trail in the Maskal Area. Police alleged that they have someone of interest that lives less than a quarter mile from the shallow grave which we have found. In that shallow grave we had found some skin tissue, a weave with some natural hair sown unto it and due to all the circumstantial evidence up to this point we do strongly believe that those remains belong to Anisha Young. These remains will be sent out for comparative DNA testing but the grandmother is the closest next of kin that we have at this moment. I also believe that with the half-brother on behalf of her dad’s side we can get a more complete DNA profile. Apart from that, the police have found a wristband from these nightclubs. I am not sure, I have a meeting with Mr. Clyde Williams and Mr. Cowo in a few and I am not sure of the exact location where this band was found but I know that it was in the vicinity of the grave, somewhere between the vicinity of the grave or the home of the said person they have as a suspect and now I have gotten anonymous information that place this band belongs to is Sit and Sip. The family and I had a previous meeting with Mr. Cowo where by we were told two things from Mr. Cowo that raised a red flag for me as an investigator so the first thing is that: they had already gone to that area where we found that grave to search. The police, the GSU and so forth, himself had not found this shallow grave. For me they didn’t notify the family, they didn’t notify myself or nobody to go along with them so to me that’s a red flag you know and I am not trying to be the devil’s advocate but I have to see things from all angles and I question the police going through there at the location where it was found and how it was found. It’s hard not to notice that the burial site was there so another thing they said was that they found that band and he said that they went to Sit and Sip and Sip and Sit denied the band being from the establishment. I beg to question the veracity of them actually going. I have to do that investigation and see if they actually went but now I have information where I clearly see Ms. Aniesha Young at Sit and Sip with that band on her hand. I am not saying the exact same band that was found but a band like it so now the purpose of this meeting is that I am to have now with Mr. Clyde Williams and Mr. Cowo a talk about the forces of the police to tienda in this band to the scene of crime and for the band to enter into the lot of items that are going to be tested for DNA because we notice that this was Aniesha’s band so sweat has remained behind and we can gather some sort of DNA from the sweat that was from that band.

Espat says that DNA testing should take two weeks but the police had informed Anisha Young’s family that it would allegedly take up to six months.