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Anisha Young remains missing, family offers a $30,000 reward

A reward of thirty thousand dollars has been offered for the return of twenty three year old Anisha Young.   Young went missing a week ago after a Christmas party and a social outing along Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. Her boyfriend had been detained for questioning but that has not yet lead to her recovery. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says the police department will work closely with the family in the days to come.

DCP Chester Williams Commander of Operations: “We have received a number of leads in respect of this matter, all of which we have followed with the assistance of the family members. You would know that the family members have been aggressively out there conducting searches on the Philip Goldson Highway through the Boom Road as well as the Maskal Road area and so far every lead that has been received has been followed and turned out to be futile. I will be meeting with the family members again today at 3, myself and Mr. Cowo and we will see what else can be done because as you would know time is running out. We are hoping that she is still alive somewhere so we are expecting the worse but at the end of the day we are still hoping for the best. I would want to appeal to any member of the public who may have information that could assist the Police as well as the family members of Ms. Young to bring closure to this unfortunate situation to please come forward and share that information regardless of how simple or trivial it may sound it might more than likely be the final piece to the puzzle that we are trying to solve.