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Anissa Ch’oc Selected as SATIIM’s New Executive Director

Former high school teacher, Anissa Ch’oc has been selected as SATIIM’s new Executive Director. The confirmation of Ch’oc’s appointment came via a press release indicating that the decision was made in an extraordinary meeting of the SATIIM’s Board of Directors and community leaders. Ch’oc has been referred to as a next generation leader and a role model for younger indigenous generations who are increasingly assimilated into wider culture with fewer connections to their history, language or identity. Prior to joining SATIIM, Anissa served as a high school teacher, the Red Cross Coordinator in Punta Gorda – and most importantly, a facilitator of indigenous community workshops. Ch’oc comes on board at a time when SATIIM prepares to deal with implementation of the 2015 Caribbean Court of Justice Consent Order on Maya land rights.