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Anke Doehm Faces Harassment on Ambergris Caye

Love News has confirmed that Anke Doehm checked in at the Queen Street Police station in Belize City today as required by her bail conditions. Doehm managed to meet her ten thousand dollars bail on Friday while her husband, David Doehm is still on remand at the Belize Central Prison. The American couple was charged for cruelty to a child in relation to the homicide of Anke’s 13 year old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon.  San Pedranos have staged several protests in response to Faye’s death. On Friday, they were at the Battlefield Park in Belize City protesting the bail hearing heard by Justice Denis Hanomansingh. On Saturday, when Anke travelled to San Pedro by boat, she was met with a few angry residents.


“Murderer ! You killed Faye ! You don’t deserve to be in this country.”


You’re a monster ! You are garbage ! Murder.”


I want to tell you that under the constitution of Belize even persons who are accused of homicide are entitled to bail. This is a dreadful unacceptable situation in Belize where there are over 500 people in prison that can’t reach a trial. Hundreds of whom are accused of very serious offences and clearly it’s a matter for the judge to decide whether a person who is accused of taking life should be out here when he himself or herself can also lose their lives by vengeful family members. So those two fundamental principles you would have heard me say to his Lordship that I want to start by re-emphasizing how important it is for a person’s liberty to be treated with the seriousness it deserves. At the Magistrate’s Court I was the first to concede that a charge of cruelty to a child is a very serious charge because all of us as adults and I am a parent we must look after our children and hold ourselves responsible for our neighbors children, that is not a ground to lock up somebody in prison until 2019 when the trial take place. That can’t be fair. What if it turns out from the forensic evidence that in fact the death of the child was not at the hands of one or both of the parents? You cannot restore back a person’s loss of freedom so that argument was put forward. I did not emphasize one of the arguments placed in the petition to the Supreme Court which is that the Supreme Court in this case if not in most or all cases has the power to protect the justice system in the sense of balancing off the need to see that a person regains their liberty against the need to see that a trial takes place in that that person does not abscond from the country.”

As part of the bail conditions, Anke Doehm must report to the Queen Street police station every Monday between the hours of 8 am and 7pm. A senior member of the police department told Love News that Anke can file charges against the persons in the video for harassment.