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Annual football camp underway at MCC Grounds

Stars Summer Camp is in session again this summer.  The camp is a free two week camp and has morning and afternoon sessions.  The two week camp looks to teach kids the basics of football, and gives them an enjoyable activity to keep them busy.

Stanley Reneau, Coordinator

“This summer camp is to teach football basic football and the fundamentals of the game. I am an ex-football certified coach and I love football.”

Reneau said the program keeps the children busy, he said they are always open to more participants.

Stanley Reneau, Coordinator

“Well sports is everything right now. The big thing for me and the kids is health and it gives them an opportunity for life. It will be run for two weeks it is free, we have sponsoring in the morning by SMART and then in the afternoon a little bit by Petro Caribe and we have five instructors, we have myself, Shennel Gentle and a lot of others. I teach the goalkeeping part. We have special goalkeeping sessions. For the last three years I have been to Miami with three kids and at the Miami camp we try to bring back what we learn. They have the special techniques and fundamentals so we try to bring back what we learn from the Miami camp. The Miami camp is an FC Barcelona camp and we will be taking three to five kids again.”

The camp is taking place at the MCC Grounds in Belize City.