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Another 95 Neals Pen Road Shooting

In September, brothers, 35-year-old Jermaine Garbutt and 45-year-old Everal Neal were shot to the knee and leg socializing outside their house at 95 Neal Pen Road.  Their assailant was on a motorcycle. That shooting, the police suspected was a spillover from a stabbing incident at the Pier One Bar in BTL Park where their nephew was charged for stabbing a patron during the brawl. Another relative was shot once again at 95 Neals Pen Road on November 18th.  Police say the victim, 18-year-old Stephen Tablada is familiar with the shooters who also came on a motorcycle. 

Wilfredo Ferrufino: “CIB Personnel visited the KHMH and there they found Mr. Stephan Tabalda 18 year old of Neil’s Penn Rd. He was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the right calf. Investigation from Police indicate Mr. Tablada was socializing at the Basketball Court on Neil’s Penn Road or was at his residence when he heard several loud bangs which he thought they were gunshots. Upon looking in the direction of the streets he notice that there were two individuals on a motorcycle and upon seeing them they sped off and he then realized that he was injured, he was shot. He indicated to Police that he recognized both individuals and Police are seeking those two individuals. Well we know they are related and he is the nephew of Mr. Leslie so we are looking into it.”

Old beef, otherwise transformed into revenge shootings, continues to be one of the leading causes of violence in Belize City.