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Another Belizean makes Belize proud

After five years of scientific research, Belizean Keisha Melodi McSweeney has completed her doctoral degree in the field of genetics and genomics. Dr. McSweeney successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Microelectrode array modeling of genetic neurological disorders in the era of next generation sequencing” to a panel of six accomplished and celebrated scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina last month. Dr. McSweeney’s research now provides a framework for the evaluation of genetic variations that cause neurological disorders and has revealed new insights into the role of neuronal excitability in the development of epilepsy. She graduated from Belize Elementary School before moving on to Saint Catherine Academy and later to St. John’s College Junior College. She then migrated to the USA in 2008 where she completed her undergraduate degrees at Loyola University in Chicago. Dr. McSweeney is now pursuing postdoctoral research at Columbia University Medical Center in New York.